Promising anti-AIDS tests carried out in Africa

Paris- France (PANA) -- Promising tests of a drug for HIV/AIDS were carried out i n South Africa and Cote d'Ivoire, Jean-Claude Chermann, renowned French virology specialist, declared here.
"We tested nearly 200 serums in these two African countries.
We obtained 50 per cent of not-progression during these tests," specified Chermann, one of the co-d i scoverers of the the AIDS virus, at a press briefing.
Tests were carried out with the same drug in the US among the Afro-Americans and in the Haitian community by the team of the Research Unit in Virology and Assoc i ated Diseases (URRMA) directed by Chermann.
"We obtained 30 per cent of not-progression of the virus at the other categories of populations.
This percentage passed to 50 per cent during our tests in Afric a .
It corresponds besides to that which we obtained among Afro-American and the H a itians," the French specialist stated.
Presenting the next stages of his research, Chermann said a therapeutic vaccine could be the subject of clinical trials as of the end of 2009.
"We will, in the course of the year 2009, give the vaccine to several clinicians in various areas of the world.
Then, in accordance with the results, we could p a ss to a pre-commercial phase in 2009," he said.
Chermann co-discovered, in 1982, the virus of AIDS with Professors Luc Montagnie r and Francoise Barré-Sinoussi.
"The results obtained during the tests convinced us.
This is why, we have, witho ut hesitating, committed 20 million euros.
We will accompany the efforts made by Chermann up to the therapeutic vaccine," declared André Lamotte of the URRMA/AG, at the press briefing.

12 december 2008 19:20:00

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