Pro-monarchy party gets green light in Burundi

Bujumbura- Burundi (PANA) -- A new political group in Burundi, the Party for the Restoration of Monarchy and Dialogue (PRMD) gained official recognition here Monday.
The party, which brought to 26 the number of political groups okayed by the Home Affairs ministry was approved alongside the Party for Complete Renaissance in Burundi (PARIBU).
Following the recognition, PRMD leader Godefroy Kamatari urged the population to embrace his design to restore monarchical rule in Burundi, saying it was the only way out of a political crisis that has rocked the country for nearly 50 years.
Kamatari suggested a referendum on whether to continue with the Republic restore the monarchy under which Burundians lived in peace for five centuries.
"All the ethnic divisions between the [majority] Hutus and [minority] Tutsis appeared in Burundi only a few decades ago," he said, recalling that national cohesion was the leading symbol of the monarchy.
"A monarchical regime could help restore peace, national unity, a sense of citizenship and economic prosperity in Burundi," he insisted.
PARIBU chairman Benoit Ndorimana also declared war on ethnic extremism in Burundi.
He criticised the "poor quality of national politicians" who have been in and out of power for nearly 50 years to perpetuate systems inhibiting growth and development.

21 september 2004 11:17:00

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