President Wade comes under scathing attacks

Paris- France (PANA) -- Several members of the African Diaspora in France, meeting Friday in Paris, lashed out at President Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal for his stance against calls for reparations on the abuses of slavery and colonisation.
"It is beyond understanding how a militant of the African cause could venture into declarations challenging calls for reparations," observed Moustapha Ly of the African Diaspora journal.
From a wider perspective, Assani Fassassi of the Collective of the Sons and Daughters of African Deportees (COFFAD) charged that Wade's postulations only "confirms that African governments are mere auxiliaries of the West - the perpetrator of the Slave Trade".
Pushing the diatribe further, Joly Valente of the Rally for Democracy and Civism (RDC) remarked that to declare reparations calls untimely was "to turn a blind eye on the huge prejudice the Slave Trade caused Africa, especially on the economic front".
Civil society organisations in France consider demands for reparations sacrosanct, and see as an enemy of the pan-African course anyone opposed to their campaign.

25 august 2001 18:24:00

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