Police reinforce security in Lagos

Lagos- Nigeria (PANA) -- Nigeria Police have reinforced security in the country's economic capital of Lagos, even as the Federal and Lagos State governments contemplate other measures to curb the growing violent crimes in the city.
Lagos Police Commissioner Mike Okiro told journalists in Lagos Friday that hundreds of the famed 'mobile' policemen have been deployed to help battle armed robbers, who have laid siege on the city for several months.
The well-armed and rugged policemen, trained in anti-riot tactics, will join the regular police and the State's anti-robbery Rapid Response Squad (RRS).
The announcement came a few days after Lagos Governor Bola Tinubu said he might call out the banned ethnic Yoruba militant Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) group, to help combat the armed robbery menace that would seen to have defied the Rapid Squad.
Tinubu's statement reflected his frustration with the efforts of the police in carrying out their constitutional responsibility of ensuring the security of life and property.
He has consistently said the commercial city of some 10 million people is grossly under-policed, and called for the decentralisation of the Federal police force or the creation of State police.
The Federal government has rejected the call as unconstitutional.
The rampaging robbers, usually better armed than the poorly-trained and ill-equipped national police, have targeted prominent citizens and foreigners alike in recent times, killing many and injuring several others.
Former Chief Justice of the Federation, Atanda Fatai-Williams, and millionaire businessman Michael Ibru were recently robbed in their high-brow Victoria Island homes in Lagos.
Fatai-Williams was unharmed, while Ibru was reported to have been flown abroad for treatment of injuries he suffered during the attack on him.
The robbers have also targeted the police, killing at least half a dozen of them, including a Divisional Police Officer, in the Lagos area in the past week.

15 june 2001 20:49:00

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