Police chief deplores chaos at Maya Maya airport

Brazzaville- Congo (PANA) -- Congo's director general of police, Colonel Jean François Denguet, was upset to find the country's main international airport disorderly when he made a surprise visit to the complex Thursday.
"Maya Maya airport is like an open field through which every person goes without being checked and others mill about," Denguet remarked.
"This is unreasonable at the time when our country unreservedly condemns international terrorism and is joining efforts of other countries to fight it".
The police chief censured his field officers stationed at the airport for "incompetence and lack of good judgement".
At the end of his inspection tour, Denguet told journalists that security arrangements at Maya Maya airport were not as operational as expected.
Brazzaville's international airport is in the central urban district of Moungali.
Due to its dilapidated fencing, residents of the airport neighbourhood criss-cross the runway on foot or by car at will.
Meanwhile, an official of the national civil aviation agency, Felix Mabiala, has accused security forces of encouraging the invasion of the tarmac by unidentified persons.
"Border police agents, posted at the airport, are responsible for the disorder", he said.
Following the terrorist attacks in the United States last week, the Congolese government ordered the ministries of the Interior, Defence, Transport and Civil Aviation to take all the necessary measures to ensure the country's security as well as that of American interests throughout Congo.

21 september 2001 16:37:00

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