Police arrest newspaper founder in Conakry

Conakry- Guinea (PANA) -- Police in Conakry on Tuesday arrested Tibou Kamara the journalist and founder of the Guinean weekly "L'Observateur" or Observer, Tibou Kamara.
According to eyewitnesses, security officers had arrested Kamara 10 metres away from the newspaper's offices in Kaloum area of the Guinean capital.
They said that Kamara was preparing to drive away when one of the agents sprang on the bonnet of his car, breaking the windscreen.
But Kamara had continued to drive in an attempt to get rid of the security officer.
In the process, he knocked two cars and was obliged to stop.
Unconfirmed reports said the security officers then beat up and undressed him before taking him to a police station and later to the main prison.
Guinean media circles indicated that security services had been looking for Kamara and several other journalists from his weekly over the past few days.
In February this year, the weekly's managing editor, Aboubacar Sacko was sentenced to ten months imprisonment and a fine of one million Guinean francs (1 dollar = 1.
243 Guinean francs).
President Lansana Conte pardoned him in March.

08 may 2001 23:22:00

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