Planned condom imports sparks debate in Kenya

Nairobi- Kenya (PANA) -- Plans by the government to import 300 million condoms sparked off a furious debate in Nairobi, with President Daniel arap Moi even suggesting that Kenyans abstain from sex for two years.
After the head of the HIV/AIDS unit in the ministry of Health, Kenneth Chebet, announced earlier Tuesday that the government would import the condoms within the next three weeks, Catholic archbishop for Mombasa John Njenga cautioned that condoms had been proven not to be 100 percent effective.
"Committing adultery is against the laws of God and importing condoms would mean that more people would be engaged in sex," the cleric postulated.
Equally on the offensive was the Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya (CIPK), which prayed the government to call off the importation and use money intended for the shipment in educating the public on HIV/AIDS or assisting AIDS orphans.
Even more off-beat was President Moi's comments when in an address to an audience during the Pharmacy Awareness Month, he said he was embarrassed as Head of State to authorise expenditure of public funds in the importation of condoms.
"As a president I am shy that I am spending millions of shillings importing those things," he said, adding that abstention was the best defence in the war against HIV/AIDS.

12 july 2001 20:47:00

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