Philippine peace talks open in Libya

Tripoli- Libya (PANA) -- Libyan leader Col.
Moammar Kadhafi met Wednesday in Tripoli with Filipino vice-President and Foreign Minister Teofisto Guingona for talks on the Philippine conflict, which was also attended by Indonesian Foreign Minister Mohamed Shihab Alaoui.
Both visitors are attending peace talks between the Filipino government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), which began Wednesday in Tripoli under the aegis of the Kadhafi International Foundation of Charities.
During the audience, Guingona and Alaoui commended Kadhafi's peace efforts, especially in the Philippines.
The two ministers, extended an invitation to Kadhafi to visit their countries and expressed the willingness of their countries to boost co-operation with Libya.
At the talks between the Filipino government and the MILF, the chairman of the Kadhafi Charity International Foundation, Seif-Ul Islam Kadhafi, thanked both parties for attending the peace meeting in Libya.
He reaffirmed the Kadhafi Foundation's commitment to restoring peace and stability throughout the world, and supporting organisations working on the same field.
Guingona said his country was committed to peace and security, and would also respect the rights of the minorities of the archipelago, noting that it was time to end the suffering of the Filipinos.
He said Manila has also undertaken to fight terrorism.
The head of the MILF said his movement was fighting for the rights and freedom of the minorities.
"We are still fighting because of poverty, injustice and the difficult conditions our brothers and sisters are facing, since the signing of the Tripoli agreement in 1976," he said.
He thanked Kadhafi for his peace efforts in the Philippines and commended the Filipino Head of State, for accepting to take part in the peace talks The Malaysian Prime Minister's cabinet Director, Gaffar Mohamed, who is leading that country's delegation to the talks, appealed to the two parties to work for peace and put an end to the conflict tearing the country apart.
"We should all make sure that real peace is achieved, bury the battle axe and stop the bloodbath," he added.
Alaoui of Indonesia for his part, said the Filipinos have to negotiate in order to achieve peace and end the suffering of the people.
He said his country supports all efforts that will foster peace in the Philippines.

21 june 2001 13:57:00

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