Pharmaceuticals to reduce anti-retrovirals price for Congo

Brazzaville- Congo (PANA) -- Congo would shortly enter into agreements with several pharmaceutical firms to supply the country with reduced priced anti-retrovirals, the minister of Health and Humanitarian Action, Leon Alfred Opimbat, said.
Speaking during a press conference on the holding of the 51st WHO session for the Africa Region in Brazzaville from 27 August to 2 September, Opimbat said everything was set for the signing of the agreements with the firms, whose identity he did disclose.
"We will soon sign the agreements with several pharmaceutical firms so as to obtain the reduction of the cost of anti-retrovirals", he said, adding that Congo, like South Africa might, contact Asian firms to supply such drugs.
"We have the possibility to contact all those capable of supplying generic and non-generic molecules in the world," he said.
"There are no obstacles to this, since the withdrawal of the lawsuit against South Africa by multinational pharmaceutical firms has dispelled any ambiguity on the issue.
This paves the way for African countries affected by AIDS to turn to all those capable of helping them by supplying the molecules", Opimbat explained.
Congo, with its population of 2.
7 million inhabitants, has a 7 percent prevalence rate including 100,000 HIV-positive cases.
A recent survey realised by the National AIDS eradication programme indicates that 15 percent of pregnant women in Pointe- Noire, the country's largest second city, carry the AIDS virus as compared to 5 percent in Brazzaville.

22 august 2001 15:49:00

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