Patasse meets CAR politicians

Bangui- Central African Republic (PANA) -- Political leaders in the Central African Republic (CAR), met with President Ange-Felix Patasse in Bangui Tuesday, and condemned the 28 May failed coup attempt in the country, a government official said.
Presidential spokesman Prosper Ndouba said all the political parties in the country, except the Central African Democratic Rally (RDC), also asked Patasse to guarantee peace and security for every citizen.
He told PANA that the CAR leader took note of the statement made by the political class and stressed his commitment to democracy.
Patasse also explained that he never ordered the arrest of any political leader but asked the party leaders to choose between "peace and civil war," Ndouba said.
The meeting was the first between political leaders and Patasse since the failed coup attempt led by CAR's former military ruler Gen.
Andre Kolingba, who is said to be on the run.
Political observers say the meeting followed the easing of tension in relations between government and the opposition, suspected to be in sympathy with the coup makers.

26 june 2001 21:21:00

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