Patasse greets Kadhafi in N'djamena

N'djamena- Chad (PANA) -- President Ange Felix Patasse of Central African Republic on Friday met with the leader of the Libyan Revolution, Col.
Moammar Kadhafi in N'Djamena while on a stop-over for the OAU summit in Lusaka.
Chadian President Idriss Deby and Prime Minister Nagoum Yamassoum met Patasse on arrival.
"I am in N'djamena to greet the guide of the Libyan revolution who not only supported me morally, but materially as well.
I am returning to Bangui to deal with the situation, which is already under control.
But it's better to be on the spot", he said.
Patasse regretted that he would not attend the summit, saying, "It is against my will that I will not be attending this summit, but I came to tell the Libyan leader and my brother Deby that they can speak on behalf of the CAR as if I myself were present in Lusaka".

07 july 2001 17:59:00

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