Party joins church in dismissing condom use

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- A spokesperson for the African Christian Democratic Party in South Africa has backed the stance of the Catholic Church against the distribution of condoms to young people as a means of checking the spread of HIV/AIDS.
According to Cheryllyn Dudley it is "glaringly obvious that the war against HIV/AIDS would only be won by a dramatic change in sexual behaviour, which must start with a dramatic change of heart and mind".
Dudley contended that promoting condoms as the answer to the HIV/AIDS epidemic was a blatant misrepresentation that had obscured the facts.
"Statistics reveal that there are almost 15 failures per 100 sexual acts protected by condoms and yet we are expected to believe that the HIV virus, 450 times smaller than sperm, can be magically blocked by a condom," she charged.
"Researchers confirm that publicity given condom in the fight against HIV/AIDS has an effect contrary to what is desired, in that it leads to riskier sexual behaviour because of a false sense of safety," she said, adding that the only real prevention of AIDS is sexual abstinence before, and faithfulness in, marriage.
"If the fight against poverty and HIV/AIDS is an urgent national priority, government must have the courage to admit its errors, stop spending our money on smoke screens and put in place policies which promote life and not death in Africa," Dudley concluded.

03 august 2001 09:40:00

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