Pan African Parliament faces budget hitch

Addis Ababa- Ethiopia (PANA) -- The Pan African Parliament is encountering hurdles over its annual budget due to contradictions in its regulatory procedure and those governing other African Union (AU) institutions.
Sources said here Wednesday that contradictions in the rules governing the audit procedures of the continental assembly and those of the African Union had caused confusion during the deliberations on the AU Commission's budget.
According to the Clerk of the Assembly, Murumba Werunga, the body presented its audited financial reports for consideration to the Permanent Representatives Committee (PRC), a group of ambassadors accredited to the AU, but this was not accepted.
The African Union audit rules state that all member institutions of the Commission must present audited financial reports done by a group of external auditors sent from AU member states.
Werunga said the laws creating the Pan African Parliament state that it would conduct its own audit, which is contrary to the laws governing other AU institutions.
However, Clerk Werunga said hopes of restoring the annual supply of funds were high once the legal hitches were dealt with.
The Pan African Parliament has a running budget of US$11.
9 million, which it received in the 2005/06 financial year.
"We are still using the reserves as we wait for the completion of the external audit report," Werunga told PANA.

24 january 2007 17:22:00

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