Palestinian envoy urges Israeli to withdraw

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- Palestine Liberation Organisation's political department head, Farouk Kadoumi, has reiterated in Dakar that lasting peace would only be restored in the Middle-East if Israel withdraws from the Palestinian territories.
Addressing journalists Thursday, Kadoumi said the "Intifada" uprising would only end once Israeli has withdrawn from Palestine.
Kadoumi said the Israeli withdrawal, to be followed by the end of the Intifada, would pave the way for new round of negotiations betwen the two parties.
"The ball is now in the court of Israel", Kadoumi told the news conference.
Earlier, Kadoumi had briefed journalists on the background of the Middle East crisis since 1947.
He criticised the US for the role it played in the conflict, saying that Palestinians were still awaiting the full implementation of the "Mitchell Plan".
Kadoumi then described the Israeli Prime minister, Ariel Sharon, as "the last bullet in the Israeli gun, a blank bullet that serves no purpose.
" Among other things, the Mitchell report calls for An immediate cease-fire followed by a period of "significant lull", and then by the total freeze of Israeli colonisation and the resumption of negotiations for a final settlement.
He also called on Arab countries to use their oil card to exert pressure on the US to make it push for an acceptable settlement of the conflict.
Kadoumi commended the Organisation of African Unity for its position on the situation in the Middle-East and lauded Senegal, which for over a decade, chairs the UN Committee for the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people.

29 june 2001 10:38:00

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