PROMETRA launches 5 traditional products against HIV/AIDS

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- The International Association for the Promotion of Tradi tional Medicines (PROMETRA) and the University Morehouse School of Medicine of A t lanta in Georgia, US, here Monday launched five products against the virus of th e HIV/AIDS, in the form of plants powder coming from four African countries.
The experts of African traditional medicines took the occasion of the celebratio n of the 20th World AIDS Day to announce what they called the African solution t o this epidemic which reached terrifying proportions in the continent, especially in Africa in the south of the Sahara, where the 2/3rds of the deaths is due to A I DS.
PROMETRA, after studies undertaken by traditional healers in 26 countries among which are 18 African States, published Monday its results made up of five prepar a tions which were tested in the department of virology of the University Morehous e School of Medicine of Atlanta.
The managing director of PROMETRA, Dr.
Erick Gbodossou, reassured the participan ts on the effectiveness of the new products.
Gbodossou emphasised the five mixtures tested individually and collectively show ed that all the products are water-soluble, the active substances are small and are not complex.
According to him, the products are active against the virus and they destroy the infected cells in 48 hours, decontaminate the virus, protect the cells not infe c ted by blocking the penetration of the virus into the cells.
In the same way, the five combined products are not toxic, he disclosed.
The Senegalese Minister for Renewable Energies, Biocarburants and Scientific Res earch, Christian Sina Diatta, who chaired the event, incited the researchers in h ealth to explore nature deeper before pleading for the installation of laborator i es for traditional medicine.

01 december 2008 18:35:00

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