PRC prepares grounds for 10th AU summit in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa- Ethiopia (PANA) -- The Permanent Representatives Committee (PRC) o f the African Union (AU) member States opened its session here Friday in prepara t ion of the 10th summit of the Union, convened to focus on "industrial developmen t in Africa".
Participants will focus on important issues, including budgetary issues, contrib utions from member states and the problem of staff hiring for the Commission.
AU's experts have already formulated specific recommendations on these issues.
Therefore, the sub-committee on contributions has called on the PRC to apply san ctions on nine countries whose contributions have not been paid for over two yea r s.
It also suggested that the temporary exemption accorded to Sierra Leone and Buru ndi be extended, after they have implemented a schedule for the payment of their contributions.
Similarly, the PRC is requested to give its opinion on the 2008 draft budget pre pared by the advisory sub-committee on administrative, financial and budgetary i s sues.
AU experts have also made major cuts on the budget proposals introduced by the o rganisation's organs, while suggesting that the 2008 budget be maintained at the level of 2007.
The situation of refugees, repatriated and displaced persons in Africa will be e xamined in the light of the reports produced by the Commission and the PRC sub-c o mmittee on refugees.
On the economic plane, the various partnerships entered into by the AU, in parti cular with Japan (TICAD IV), China, South America, India and Turkey, will be ass e ssed.
The partnership between Africa and the European Union (EU) will be thoroughly di scussed, especially in the light of the reports emanating from the second busine s s Forum between the two parties and the issue of the Economic Partnership Agreem e nts (EPAs) with the European Union.
Other issues of similar importance, including the implementation of the AU' sole mn declaration on gender equality in Africa, as well as Senegal's proposal for t h e Diaspora to be admitted in the Assembly of heads of state and government with t he observer status, will also be discussed during the PRC session.
The PRC makes proposals for submission to the Executive Council, scheduled to meet Sunday and which comprises of External Affairs ministers.
The PRC's decisions have the status of recommendations until they are adopted by the Executive Council.
The Committee's powers and responsibility includes facilitating communication be tween the Commission and member states, supervising the Commission's activities, facilitating the action of and supporting the Executive Council as regards the i m plementation of its powers and mandate.

25 Janeiro 2008 17:15:00

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