PLO's Abbas wants AU involved in resolution of Middle East conflict

Sirte- Libye (PANA) -- Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas Monday in Sirte urged African leaders to set up a High Committee to support the Middle East peace process in line with UN Security Council resolution.
Addressing the 5th African Union (AU) summit in Libya's central city of Sirte, he said African countries had fought similar combats to regain their independence and end racial discrimination and apartheid.
"The entire international community is interested in peace and security in the Middle East region," the Palestinian leader said, reiterating his call for the implementation of international resolutions.
He lamented that despite the desire by the Palestinians to implement the "Roadmap," Israel had continued to pursue its "settlement policy," "campaign of arresting Palestinians" and the building of a separation wall "that gravely undermines the Palestinian economy.
" "For our part," Abbas said: "we will undertake initiatives to douse the tension and promote an atmosphere of dialogue toward a sustainable peace and the creation of an independent and viable Palestinian State with Jerusalem as capital.

04 july 2005 23:08:00

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