PANA Correspondent publishes book on HIV/AIDS in Niger

Paris- France (PANA) -- The Pan African News Agency correspondent in Paris, Seidi k Abba, has published in Paris, France, an essay titled "Niger at grips with Aid s : strong and weak points of the national strategy against the pandemic".
His essay is drawn from field studies, observations and interviews.
The 192-page book highlights the forces and weaknesses of Niger's HIV/AIDS contr ol strategy, touching on the existence of a real political will and the mobilisa t ion of huge financial means to curb the pandemic.
Abba also highlighted the shortcomings of the strategy by laying emphasis on the weaknesses of the country's health coverage, the absence of human resources in s ufficient quality and quantity and the negative representation of the disease in a socio-linguistic context, where it remains strongly surrounded with taboos.
As a journalist who specialises in social and developmental issues, Abba gave av enues for HIV/AIDS control in Niger, pleading for the involvement of traditional leaders, trade unionists, sportsmen and artists.
"Niger at grips with Aids: strong and weak points of the national strategy again st the pandemic" is published by Harmattan Publishers in the "African societies a nd Diaspora" Collection.
Abba lives in Paris, where he has been for several years a PANA correspondent.

03 september 2008 16:03:00

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