Over 50 Central African Republic refugees in northern Congo

Brazzaville- Congo (PANA) -- Over 50 nationals of Central African Republic have fled to Congo following the recent coup attempt against President Ange Felix Patasse, a senior government official in Brazzaville has disclosed.
Jean Christophe Ackondzo, director of Congo's national committee for assistance to refugees, said the CAR refugees were presently staying in Betou, about 1,000 km north of Brazzaville.
Among the refugees, Ackondzo said, there were 30 disarmed soldiers.
"They are people from the border area with family ties on both sides and this facilitates their stay in Congo", he said.
Batou, on River Oubangui, borders the province of Equator in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic.
The locality also hosts thousands of civilians and hundreds of soldiers who fled the fighting between rebels of the Congo Liberation Front (MLC) and the regular DRC forces.

21 Junho 2001 19:02:00

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