Over 100,000 women may be infected with HIV/AIDS

Luanda- Angola (PANA) -- An Angolan medical doctor said on Friday that at least 109,376 Angolan women aged over 15 years and above may be infected with HIV/ AIDS, with an estimated prevalence rate of 3.
1 per cent in pregnant women.
Dr Maria Generosa speaking on the prevention of mother-to-child transmission sai d to counter the high rate of HIV positive pregnant women, the government in 2004 began implementing a programme for the prevention of vertical transmission, with three units in Luanda.
By 2009 the country had 178 units distributed in all districts of the country.
According to Ana Genoveva, a government official, the government's efforts have been focused on the implementation of vertical transmission programmes, given the strategic importance of preventing new cases and epidemic control.
Currently, the National Institute of Combat AIDS is developing a pilot project for the implementation of early infant diagnosis in children at risk.

19 march 2010 22:16:00

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