Outgoing ECOWAS chairman calls for institutional reform

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- Outgoing ECOWAS chairman and Malian President Alpha Oumar Konare has called for institutional reforms to speed up economic integration in West Africa.
Addressing the 25th ECOWAS summit in Dakar Thursday, Konare suggested that the organisation's executive secretariat be given more prerogatives in the economic, commercial and monetary fields.
Konare also proposed that more authority be entrusted in the community's parliament.
However, the Malian President said, institutional reforms would only be effective if they are backed by economic achievements at community level.
"This is the price we have to pay to ensure the credibility of our community", he said, adding that integration would become a reality if the move enjoys support from the population, the political class and the civil society.

20 december 2001 22:17:00

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