Oumarou Dogari elected new Mayor of Niamey

Niamey, Niger (PANA) – Oumarou Dogari, a member of the MODEN-Lumana party, close to the Niger government, has been elected mayor of Niamey, the capital, following the voting by municipal councillors, PANA reported Friday.

Dogari polled 36 votes out of 38 in the election, boycotted by the seven opposition councillors on the grounds that the exercise did not comply with some statutory measures.

Dogari replaces Captain Idé Seyni, appointed as delegate administrator of the City of Niamey by the military which overthrew former president MamadouTandja in February 2010.

He will be in office for five years. Niamey is made up of five communities and the population is estimated at 1.3 million people.

Dogari, 50, is very well known for his political activism, including his efforts two years ago against attempts by Tandja to remain in power.
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