Ouattara promises "new pact of love, fraternity and solidarity"

Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire (PANA) – Alassne Ouattara, the man recognised by the international community as winner of the disputed presidential election in Cote d'Ivoire, has promised to put behind the country's recent past marked by disorder, rifts and sufferings, and move into the New Year with love, fraternity and solidarity.

"The Year 2011 will mark a new departure from the past 10 years of suffering, poverty and death,” Mr. Ouattara said in his New Year message on Thursday.

He said he meant to forget the year 2010 “which ends in sadness and desolation as a result of the attitude of Mr. Laurent Gbagbo, the incumbent head of state who is clutching at any straw to dispute the results, even reverse them, a stark manipulation operation witnessed by the whole world and which tarnishes the image of Africa".

"We are going to seal a new pact of love, fraternity and solidarity. We are going to reassert our willingness to live together as brothers and sisters with all those who live with us. Our country is thus going to take back its place in the comity of nations, and you will again be proud for being Ivorians," Mr. Ouattara.

Ouattara said he was making all efforts needed to avoid additional sufferings to the people.

30 december 2010 22:35:20

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