Ouagadougou forum advocates social dialogue

Ouagadougou- Burkina Faso (PANA) -- Some 400 delegates holding the first forum of social partners to prepare the African Union summit on employment and the fight against poverty have urged African governments to promote and prioritise decent employment in their economic and social policies.
The AU extraordinary African Union (AU) summit on employment and the fight against poverty is scheduled 8-9 September in Ouagadougou.
The delegates called on African leaders to institutionalise social dialogue, which they consider as indispensable for sustainable development and conflict resolution and prevention.
They also expressed preparedness to participate in building an economic and social consensus on development strategies likely to maximise job-creation potential and promote social development.
They urged AU member States to create legal and institutional environment that enhances the creation and development of businesses, ensures a fair sharing of national wealth and access to all public basic services.
The forum further called on African governments to place emphasis on sectors with high potential growth in terms of job creation.
These include the agriculture sector, education, human resource development, culture, tourism and other priority sectors of NEPAD (the New Partnership for Africa's Development).
In view of the scope of youth employment, the forum advised African public authorities to implement the active national policies of the employment market.
Describing the AIDS pandemic, malaria and tuberculosis as disturbing, participants at the forum urged African States to take specific prevention measures so as to promote to access to medication for poor peoples.
They called on multinationals to exempt African nations from the payment of license fees for generic drugs.
Hence, they appealed to Africa's financial partners to ensure greater consistency between their policies and interventions and give priority to the creation of businesses and jobs in the various poverty reduction programmes and strategies.
The forum finally called for the cancellation of the African public debt in order to release additional resources for socio- economic development, the access of the continent's products to markets of developed countries and the elimination of agricultural subsidies.
The recommendations of the forum will be submitted to AU leaders when their convene their summit on Wednesday.

06 september 2004 16:36:00

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