Organisation and functioning of Ivorian school canteens

Abidjan- Côte d'Ivoire (PANA) -- Under the authority of the minister of National Education and in accordance with a directive issued on 26 July 2000, the school canteen service of the National School Canteen Division (DNC) has oversight of these facilities.
Its mission consists in implementing the project backed by the World Food Programme, monitoring the administrative, material and financial management of school canteens, analysing application files for the creation of school canteens, receiving, storing and distributing foodstuff and non-food aid provided within the project.
It is mandated to evaluate and conduct studies aimed at improving the organisation and operation of school canteens in liaison with other structures and organisations, ensure continuous training of canteen supervisory staff, and promoting nutritional and health education in schools equipped with canteens.
It draws up, designs and disseminates training and sensitisation documents and teaching aids on the monitoring, animation and management of school canteens.
At regional level, the school canteen programme enjoys the support of regional divisions (DREN), departmental divisions (DDEN) and the Inspectorates of primary education.
These supervise all operations aimed at implementing the school canteen project, receive and forward applications for the creation of school canteens, submit quarterly reports to the School Canteen Service, manage funds put at their disposal, and take part in the elaboration of school canteen projects.

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