Opposition politician returns home from abroad

Bissau Guinea-Bissau (PANA) -- Opposition Democratic Alliance of Guinea-Bissau (AGS) party leader Fernando Gomes has returned home after spending four months in Dakar and France for medical reasons.
Gomes was among those arrested on 25 November 2000 in the aftermath of the 22 and 23 November upheavals that led to the death of Gen.
Ansumane Mane, former head of Guinea Bissau's military junta.
Gomes was severely beaten by the presidential guards and subsequently freed along with other politicians on 2 December 2000.
"I forgive, not only the individuals who beat me, but also the persons behind these incidents," Gomes said upon arrival Wednesday.
"However, I am more determined than ever to continue my noble fight for democracy in Guinea-Bissau.
It is highly regrettable that the country is experiencing such an unprecedented crisis," he said.
Gomes was formerly the chairman of the human rights league in the country and a former candidate in the 28 November 1999 presidential election won by President Kumba Yalla.

10 may 2001 09:28:00

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