Operation of school canteens in Cote d'Ivoire

Abidjan- Cote d'Ivoire (PANA) -- Pupils with access to school canteens in Cote d'Ivoire eat on average 150 grammes of food per day at the cost of 25 CFA francs, while a weekly menu offers the opportunity to educate them in nutrition.
For the very poor the Parents Committee, which is partner to the project recommended that part of the sum paid by other pupils go to pay for meals for their less privileged school mates.
The establishment of a school canteen in a village depends, more often than not on the will of parents who would have put up a building for it.
They next submit an application to the national division of school canteens which authorises and defines the operation of the canteen.
Within the school, the council of teachers chooses the canteen's manager - a teacher known for his good morals.
The manager receives all food supplies allocated to the canteen.
The village community appoints the manager's assistant.
The community also female attendants who do the cooking for a wage of 610 FCFA per day.
Canteen managers get some training in the basics of accounting, management, and environmental hygiene.
As a rule, the management of the school canteen is supervised by the school director.
At sub-regional level, civil servants are seconded as advisers to school canteens.
Coordinators are also appointed at regional level.

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