Oil discovery makes headlines in Nouakchott

Nouakchott- Mauritania (PANA) -- The reported discovery of crude oil in Mauritania by Australian company "Woodside," made newspaper headlines in Nouakchott this week.
"Nouakchott-Info," writing on "Oil in Mauritania: promising discovery," devoted two pages to the find.
It published an interview with David Bond, Woodside's Director in charge of drilling, who said "all the good signs are there to give us hope that there is a huge quantity of oil.
" The paper says the discovery at the "Chuinguitty" oil wells, has boosted Woodside's performance at the stock market, and an indication that Anglo-Dutch giant company Shell, "is trying to buy Woodside following this discovery.
" But the "Inimich" newspaper does not share this "euphoria" on the oil discovery.
It says despite promising signs, "it is still premature," to jubilate, pointing out that "these are only potential reserves and speculative estimates.

25 may 2001 13:50:00

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