OIF structures

Ouagadougou- Burkina Faso (PANA) -- In addition to the conference of French-speaking heads of state and government, the International Francophonie Organisation (OIF) has a conference of ministers and a permanent council.
The ministerial conference (CMF) grouping Foreign ministers meets between summits to ensure political continuity.
Its mission consists in seeing to the implementation of decisions and preparing for summits.
It also recommends the admission of new permanent members and associate members.
Other structures include the conference of Education ministers (CONFEMEN) and the conference Youth and Sports ministers (CONFEJES).
These focused on information (Rabat, 2003), culture (Cotonou, 2001), democracy, human rights and freedoms (Bamako, 2000), women (Luxembourg 2000), economy and finance (Monaco, 1999), justice (Cairo, 1995), children (Dakar, 1993), environment (Tunis, 1991) and culture (Liege, 1990).
The permanent council (CPF) prepares and follows up summits.
It is chaired by the Secretary General of the Francophonie and comprises representatives accredited by member states.
Its mission is to see to the implementation of decisions taken by the ministerial conference, review and approve projects, and evaluate programmes for operators.
It has three commissions - political, economic and cooperation.

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