OIF hails inter-Ivorian Pretoria accord

Paris- France (PANA) -- The Standing Council of the International Organisation of the Francophonie (OIF) has commended the revival of dialogue between Ivorian political parties, which led to the signing on Wednesday of an accord in Pretoria, South Africa.
"The members of the Standing Council of the Francophonie commend the dialogue in this framework between the Ivorian parties, which, in a spirit of mutual understanding, have made significant progress," said the resolution adopted Friday at the 54th CPF session chaired by OIF secretary general, Abdou Diouf.
The CPF members urged the signatories to the Pretoria accord to "immediately join action to these engagements and confirm the total readiness of the OIF to support, in conjunction with the African Union and the entire international community toward tangible implementation of this agreement," the resolution said.
The 54th session of the CPF held here Friday in the presence of personal representatives of 53 heads of states and member governments of the CPF "recommended to the OIF secretary general, supported by his special envoy in Abidjan, to pursue its efforts to this end".
Ivorian political leaders were engaged in a four-day meeting in Pretoria that ended Wednesday with a declaration to cease immediately all hostilities and war throughout the country dichotomised by conflict since September 2002.

09 april 2005 13:06:00

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