OIF adopts world information society resolution

  Ouagadougou- Burkina Faso (PANA) -- Leaders of the Francophonie Saturday adopted a resolution appealing to all stakeholders to the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) to embrace information technology at the end of their two-day summit in Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso.
The meeting, held 26-27 November, hailed the results obtained during the first phase of the WSIS held in December 2003 in Geneva (Switzerland) and the adoption of a Declaration of the Principle and Action Plan.
The Francophonie urged all the WSIS stakeholders, especially the civil society and the private sector, to participate actively in the preparatory process to the summit (slated for November 2005 in Tunis) and to contribute in its funding through the Special Fund created by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).
" The International Organisation of the Francophonie also made an urgent call to all WSIS stakeholders to ensure that the initiative had all the chances to succeed and to support its second phase with policy and operational documents reflecting the aspirations of the international community toward reaching the Millennium Development Goals.
Furthermore, they pledged not leave any stone unturned to "see the WSIS through the building of an efficient partnership between the stakeholders, in a bid to bridge the digital divide and ultimately make information and communication technologies a strategic vehicle of economic, social, political and cultural development.
" The resolution called for increased participation of heads of states and governments in the Tunis summit to give a better political visibility to the objectives the international community has assigned to the meeting.
Thirty leaders attended the 10th OIF summit entitled "The Francophonie: an area of solidarity for sustainable development.

27 novembre 2004 20:33:00

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