Of the Francophonie and its expanse

Ouagadougou- Burkina Faso (PANA) -- About 500 people live in countries of the International Organisation of the Francophonie (OIF).
Some 118.
6 million of them speak French as their mother tongue or have excellent command of the language, 62.
9 million have limited fluency, while 82.
6 million are akin to speaking French but are still in learning process.
About 75 million Africans speak French as a foreign language - 35 million in the Maghreb and 40 million in sub-Saharan Africa.
The ten countries in the world with the largest French-speaking population are, in descending order, Metropolitan France, Algeria, Canada, Morocco, Belgium, Côte d'Ivoire, Tunisia, Cameroon, DR Congo and Switzerland.
Less than a third (30%) of documents published by the Commission of Brussels are in French (against 58% in 1986) and only 7% of the Web content is in French.
Seventy percent is in English (against 98% 15 years ago).
This does not include e-mail in French, which is rapidly growing in North-South communications.
Some 1,085 people work for OIF institutions, such as the inter- governmental agency of the Francophonie, the Academic Agency of the Francophonie, the international association of French- speaking mayors, the Leopold Sédar Senghor University in Alexandria, and the television channel TV5.

25 Novembro 2004 19:47:00

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