OAU urges Burundians to foster unity

Bujumbura- Burundi (PANA) -- The OAU observer mission in Bujumbura on Wednesday urged Burundians to foster unity in order to rebuild their war-torn nation.
The mission made the statement in the wake of the first anniversary of the signing of the inter-Burundian peace accord 28 August in Arusha, Tanzania.
But the accord has not been fully implemented since its signing.
The statement "strongly" exhorts Burundian policy-makers to "break the partition and confinement walls and meetings held in secret which only perpetuate misunderstandings and escalate passions by favouring confrontation".
It said the mission was convinced that between brothers "condemned to live together, there is no alternative to the opening of dialogue, understanding and tolerance".
It, therefore, urged the main protagonists of the socio- political crisis in Burundi to agree to continuously meet to "talk, express their views and decide on the future of their country".
"The time to work shoulder to shoulder has come", the statement added, inviting Burundians to "pool their minds, consciences, intellect and imaginations for the betterment of their country".
The OAU mission was opened in Bujumbura since the outbreak of the Burundi crisis in 1993 to help bring the parties in conflict together.

29 august 2001 23:05:00

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