OAU delegation visits refugee camps in DR Congo

Kinshasa- DR Congo (PANA) -- A delegation from the OAU Commission for Refugees on Tuesday inspected the Inga camp in Lower-Congo Province which hosts Angolan refugees in the south-eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees close to 330,000 refugees from neighbouring states like Angola, Burundi, Uganda, Congo Brazzaville, Rwanda and Sudan were in the DRC by the end of 2000.
Led by Sudan's Ambassador to the OAU, Ousmane El Sayed, the delegation had on Monday donated 57,000 US dollars as the continental organisation's assistance to the refugees.
Speaking after a working session with the Congolese Interior Minister, Myra Ndjoku, the Sudanese diplomat said that the OAU will be involved in the search for solutions to the political and humanitarian aspects of the DRC conflict.
"It is a major challenge for the OAU and for Africa in general", said El Sayed, adding that UN's success or failure in this venture would have an impact on the entire African continent.
The OAU team, which held discussions with several DRC ministers as well as the General Commissioner in charge of Reintegration, had earlier on visited camps occupied by 10,000 DRC refugees in the Central African Republic.
El Sayed said that the OAU had decided to send a mission to Kinshasa to assess the "humanitarian disaster" which has reportedly led to the death of 5.
2 million people since the war started in 1998 Close to 2 million people have been internally displaced within the country's provinces.

30 may 2001 16:55:00

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