OAU Summit To Discuss Terrorism

NAIROBI- Kenya (PANA) -- The 1999 Organisation of African Unity (OAU) summit in Algiers is expected to formulate recommendations on how to tackle the problem of terrorism, Algeria's ambassador to Kenya, Said Ali-Ketranji, said in Nairobi Thursday.
He said the 13 to 14 July summit will also examine, among other things, the on-going restructuring of the OAU.
Ketranji said the issue of terrorism has become a major concern to most African countries and needed an urgent but careful deliberation on how to tackle it before the new millennium.
"We have suffered, particualry in Algeria, where we have to go through it on a daily basis," he said.
If the recommendations by the organisation on how to tackle terrorism are adopted, he said, the African continent would become the first one to tackle the issue on a broader basis.
Ketranji, who spoke when he paid a courtsey call on Kenyan information and broadcasting minister, Joseph Nyagah, said African ministers in charge of security are expected to meet in Algiers in May to come up with the recommendations and thereafter present them to the heads of state and government meeting for ratification.
The ambassador said the summit would also discuss issues such as the perennial conflicts on the continent, regional and economic intergration of border states, among others.
Nyagah commended the OAU move to discuss the problem of terrorism, which he said had led to deaths of many Kenyans in 1997.
"Terrorism is mostly brought about by the idea of having one superpower.
The domination of the entire world by one single nation leaves those subdued with no alternative other than terrorism," he argued.

01 april 1999 20:40:00

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