OAU Directs Secretariat To Name Committee On Education

ALGIERS- Algeria (PANA) -- African leaders, winding up the 35th Summit of the OAU Wednesday, have directed the secretariat to establish a steering committee that would implement the organisation's programme of action for the Decade of Education in Africa.
They also directed it to release, at the ealiest possible time, necessary resources for the launching of the decade coordination activities, as well as convene an education ministers conference biennially.
African education ministers met in Harare, Zimbabwe, in March and adopted general recommendations and a programme of action that called for changes to improve educational standards on the continent.
The leaders urged OAU member states to continue giving priority to education, particularly basic education, which they described as a pillar of development and generator of human resources in all national development plans.
They later approved a summit on education at the middle of the decade to review the programme of action on the decade.
They emphasised the importance of the Kampala declaration and framework of action on the empowerment of women through functional literacy and the education of the girl child as part of the decade.
The leaders made a fervent appeal to African and international agencies and institutions, as well as NGOs and donor countries, to give technical and financial support toward the implementation of the decade programme of action at both national and continental levels.

14 july 1999 09:29:00

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