OAU Approves Convention On Terrorism

ALGIERS- Algeria (PANA) -- African leaders Wednesday agreed to set up a mechanism that would fight international terrorism on the continent at the end of their three-day summit in Algiers.
The convention on the prevention and combating of terrorism is expected to provide Africa with a "solid legal framework for our struggle to control the problem of terrorism in our countries," they said in a resolution.
They urged OAU member states to sign and ratify the convention in order to ensure its speedy implementation.
They also called upon all countries that have not signed the "Convention on the prohibition of the use, stockpiling, production and transfer of anti-personnel mines and on their destruction" to do so and to ratify the document.
Recognising that the widespread use of anti-pesonnel mines is affecting the free movement of people and goods, they expressed deep concern for the devastating effects of these deadly weapons on people and the subsequent negative impact on the development of countries.
They, however, commended the rapid entry-into-force of the convention which requires a global approach to redress the negative effects of the devices.
In May 1999, Mozambique hosted the first meeting of states that are parties to the convention.

14 july 1999 20:40:00

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