Norbert Zongo given posthumous award

Ouagadougou- Burkina Faso (PANA) -- Late Burkinabe journalist, Norbert Zongo was elected co-winner of the Integrity Award 2001, given by the international anti-corruption NGO, Transparency International.
The permanent secretary of national anti-corruption network, Dieudonne Yamogo told reporters in Ouagadougou on Monday that the winners were proclaimed Sunday in Prague at the opening of the 10th International Anti-Corruption Conference.
He added the award was in recognisance of the struggle by the late Zongo and a trophy for the living.
For the second consecutive year, the annual integrity awards paid tribute to Mozambican journalist Carlos Alberto Cardozo, murdered in November 2000, Georgy Gongadze, Ukrainian journalist, 31, kidnapped and killed after being submerged into acid, and Luis Carlos Galan Sarmiento, a Columbian politician activist who fought organised crime, drug traffickers and their linkages with the government.
The four persons, including Zongo, lost their lives while figthing corruption.
Zongo was murdered in 1998.
Quoting Zongo's investigative reports that earned him the award, members of the Transparency International jury recalled cases such as the Burkina Mining Company and monopoly in leather business by President Blaise Compaore's mother-in-law.

08 october 2001 22:49:00

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