Nine persons killed in tribal clashes in North Darfur

Khartoum, Sudan (PANA) -  Nine civilians were killed in Darfur’s region in the last two days in separate clashes between Arab and Fur tribes, in yet the most fresh inter-tribal fighting in the region, and two weeks after the federal government brokered an agreement between two ethnic groups in fighting that left dozens dead.

The Sudan News Agency reporting from El Obeid, capital of North Darfur, quoted Kabkabiyah Locality Commissioner Adam Mohamed Salih, as saying that  separate incidents erupted in the market place of Kabkabiyah town in North Darfur and spread to other areas.

The clashes between groups of Fur and Arab tribes started in a quarrel between two men and spread to involve relatives of the two sides, according to Salih. The report did not identify the Arab tribes. The Fur is the main African tribe in the region and the main rebel movement started among the Fur, in 2005.

Clashes between Arab nomads and Fur farmers over grazing rights and land appropriation  was the main cause that spurred the fighting in Darfur.

with the UN reporting over 300,000 deaths since the outbreak of the fighting, a joint force between the UN and the African Union (UNAMID) was formed to help ease the tension and for peace keeping in the region.
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