Nigerian university disowns AIDS cure claim

Lagos, Nigeria (PANA) - The University of Benin in Nigeria's Mid-west Edo State has disowned the claim by one of its professors to have develop a herbal drug that could possible cure AIDS, setting the stage for another controversy over an AIDS cure claim in the country.

On Tuesday, Prof. Isaiah Ibeh, who is the Dean of the  university's Basic Medical Sciences, told journalists he had developed the drug named as ''Deconcotion X (DX)'' that has undergone ''a series of successful tests'', calling it a breakthrough in the search for AIDS cure.

But  the Provost of the university's College of Medical Sciences, Prof. Vincent Iyawe, said the university was not aware of the breakthrough, and would therefore not substantiate it until procedures for verifying such were concluded.

“The school will like to take credit for a breakthrough, but the school cannot align with the breakthrough because the university college was not consulted and the university was not consulted. He didn’t carry anybody along, so, this is the issue. There are protocols and procedures, stage by stage procedures

“We are going to take it (drug) to the clinical laboratory, we are going to take it to the Federal Ministry of Health because they have a procedure there.

“We’ll probably take it to NAFDAC (National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control) because it is a unit or department of the ministry. We’ll take it for clinical trial, and many things we’ll have to do before we can announce that we discovered something. In fact,  we  have to take it to the World Health Organisation. So these are the things we are discussing,”
the local Punch quoted Prof. Iyawe to have said.

The AIDS cure claimant, who was present when the Prof. Iyawe disowned his cure claim, said: “I align myself with the voice of the Provost.''

In the late 1990s, a Nigeria medical  doctor, Jeremiah Abalaka, claimed to have discovered a preventive and curative vaccine for AIDS, generating a media frenzy.

But his refusal to allow his 'vaccine' to be subjected to any test effectively shot down his claim.
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