Nigerian paper names Mandela 'Man of the Year 2013'

Lagos, Nigeria (PANA) - One of Nigeria's foremost newspapers, The Guardian, Wednesday named the late South African President and global icon Nelson Mandela its Man of the Year 2013.

PANA reports that this is the first time the newspaper will confer its yearly award posthumously.

The paper's Managing Director, Eluem Emeka Izeze, explained the rationale for the award in his prologue to the Man of the Year award story: ''It was sufficient to alter traditions. And Mandela, the one affectionately called Madiba, altered traditions for this newspaper.

''For the first time, The Guardian is today, posthumously conferring the Man of the Year 2013 on Nelson Mandela, a man who dominated the world even as an ordinary citizen, who spoke truth to power across board, who did not simply set Azania free, but taught the world that man, any man, still has redeeming features.''

Izeze dwelt more on the choice of Mandela, who died 5 Dec, 2013 at the age of 95. He described Mandela as ''a bright star shines through the gloom and despondency of our world.''

''(His life) shows us that life is more than the pursuit of unedifying, if temporarily satisfying pandering to power, wealth and fame. Suddenly, we see virtues of service, sacrifice, self-denial, that are now much in decline. We are thrust into the full glow of exemplary living, of having nothing and yet possessing everything. And we quickly embrace and own the moment.

''Quite fittingly, the whole world scrambled to own, in death, the man Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. His funeral the other day, became the biggest congregation ever of the high and mighty, the good and great, friends and foes, and numerous ordinary folks. In death as in life, he towered above all. He who conquered hatred, brought malicious enemies to a warm handshake. He who disavowed power, commanded the widest acclaim in the world’s recent history,'' he wrote.

The Guardian's Managing Director said Africa’s most famous son ''had inadvertently adopted sons and daughters of all colours, and races and dispositions'', hence the whole world mourned as one that has lost a father.
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