Nigeria records 1,000 new HIV infections daily, says UNAIDS

Lagos- Nigeria (PANA) -- The Joint United Nations programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) has said that Nigeria records at least 1,000 new HIV infections every day, the p r ivately-owned Punch newspaper reported Thursday.
The paper, quoting a US-based Nigerian news agency, Empowered Newswire, said â? There is a growing demand for access to treatment and prevention services in Nig e ria, which can only be met by strengthening the current partnership between glob a l, national and local partners.
â? The news agency, the paper reported, revealed that 3 million people are living w ith the condition in Nigeria.
Commenting on the figures, the Director-General of the National Agency for AIDS Control, Prof.
John Idoko, said that there was no cause for alarm.
â?New infections in the country are between 370,000 and 380,000 annually.
If yo u divide the figures by 350 days, it will be within that range,â? he said.
Meanwhile, the Minister of Health, Prof.
Babatunde Osotimehin, has commended UNA IDS for mobilising the participation of non-governmental organisations, faith-ba s ed entities and the private sector to support the national AIDS response.
â?This has helped us gain momentum in rolling out access to services.
We still have challenges.
We are aware that resources are limited, but we must meet the e x pectations of the people we have mobilised,â? he said.
The News Agency also reported that ahead of the 2010 World Cup, South Africa on Thursday announced that the supply of condoms would be doubled between June and J uly.
According to agency, the countryâ~s figure of HIV/AIDS stood at 5.
7 million, mo re than any other country in the world.
Medical authorities in South Africa said they wanted to make sure there was plen ty of condoms around in time for the games, which will be held in June and July.

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