Nigeria gets Institute for industrial safety

Lagos- Nigeria (PANA) -- The Institute of Industrial Security and Safety of Nigeria (IISSN), formed by a group of private security outfits in the country, was launched in Lagos Wednesday, with a call on all tiers of governments to adopt more functional security measures.
IISSN President Washington Nwachukwu, said the security units of the various government agencies should be expanded to include investigative and intelligence arms to strengthen physical security and assist in minimising frauds.
"At present, what we see are 'maiguards,' (untrained private security men) some of whom cannot copy down vehicle numbers let alone write incident reports," he said.
David Omotade, a Director in the Internal Affairs Ministry, who performed the launch on behalf of the Minister, said an institute like IISSN was needed to regulate the practice of security and safety in the country.
"The essence of this is to ensure the creation of intelligence and investigation unit, as it obtains in most organised private sector establishments, to assist in detecting and reporting any dubious act by any public officer to the appropriate authority before much damage is done to the system," he said.
The Director said the country had lost billions of money to vandalisation, destruction of important official documents either through carelessness or arson, mismanagement of public funds and pilfering of materials and equipment of public enterprises.
He urged IISSN to ensure that its training included appreciation and ability to manipulate modern facilities and acquisition of relevant knowledge required to combat crime, which was assuming greater sophistication.
"Since it is the honest desire of this Administration that this nation should have a virile security and safety sub-system, this government will give its full support to any effort by any group to ensure adequate security and safety in the country," Omotade assured.
The Institute, conceived by Security/Safety Practitioners in Nigeria and inaugurated in 1995, will register, license, train, examine and certify persons, agencies and institutions in the Industrial Security/Safety Profession, to foster their career and corporate advancement.

16 may 2001 19:15:00

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