Nigeria/ECOWAS: Experts to review ECOWAS interventions in Mali

Abuja, Nigeria (PANA) - Experts on regional political and security matters, social and humanitarian affairs, diplomacy and communication, among others, are to meet in Akosombo, Ghana, from Tuesday to review ECOWAS’ initiatives and responses to the recent security, political, and institutional crises in Mali.

According to the ECOWAS Commission, the five-day “After-Action Review” exercise, organised by the Commission in collaboration with the Government of Ghana, will involve an in-depth examination of ECOWAS’ political, diplomatic and military responses, humanitarian support as well as the cooperation, coordination and communication initiatives in Mali.

The commission said the main objective of the meeting, which will also be attended by representatives of the Civil Society, research institutions and Centres of Excellence, is to dissect ECOWAS’ multifaceted interventions before and during the Malian crises in order to draw appropriate lessons for the future.

The review, a follow-up to an internal ECOWAS debriefing held in Lagos last November, is expected to improve the anticipatory and response postures of the ECOWAS system to current and emergent crises in the Region, both in terms of direct intervention and relations with third party.

ECOWAS, backed by the African Union, the UN and the rest of the International Community, led the regional intervention for the resolution of the Malian crises that resulted in the recovery of Malian territories seized by the terrorist groups, following the March 2012 military coup and the rebel insurrection in the north of the country.
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