Nigeria: Regional court pledges to facilitate effective cross border energy trading in W/Africa

Abuja, Nigeria (PANA) - West Africa’s regional court has pledged to work with the region’s energy regulatory authority to foster an environment in the region that facilitates cross border energy trading, based on the relevant regional laws and best practices.

''Energy is a critical tool for stimulating development but unfortunately is lacking in the region,'' the President of the Community Court of Justice, ECOWAS, Hon. Justice Maria Do Ceu Silva Monteiro, told a delegation of the ECOWAS Regional Energy Regulatory Authority (ERERA), which visited the court on Tuesday to discuss areas of synergy.

The President said the visit of the three-member delegation had enabled judges of the court, who were also in attendance, to gain a better insight into the operations of the Accra-based ERERA, which was set up in 2008 with the responsibility for regulating intra-community cross border energy trading.

ERERA became fully operational in 2011 with the constitution of its three-member executive council comprising a chairman and two members.

She assured the delegation that the court would faithfully discharge its appellate jurisdiction in disputes involving parties to the energy trading arrangement based on the relevant regional instruments in line with the courts determination to promote the dispensation and access to justice.

Earlier, Mrs Ifey Ikeonu, the Acting chairperson of ERERA, who led the delegation, said the visit was to sensitize the court on its dual role as an appellate institution for disputes relating to energy trading in the region and its responsibility for administering the oath of office on members of ERERA’s Council.

She told the judges that the authority had three core functions including the development of a framework for energy trading, the development of rules and a quasi –judicial function of managing disputes arising from cross border energy trading under this arrangement.

She also told them that the first phase of ERERA’s electricity market would be launched in 2016, reminding the court that it has a ‘big role in the regional energy trading arrangement in order to promote confidence in the process and its functioning.’
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