Nigeria: Nigerian airline suspends flights to Liberia, Sierra Leone over Ebola

Lagos, Nigeria (PANA) - Nigerian airline Arik Air has indefinitely suspended flights to Liberia and Sierra Leone, two of the three West African nations that have been hit by the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), the airline said.

“We are taking this important step as a concerned corporate citizen, bearing the interest of Nigerians at heart,'' Arik Air said in a statement issued here.

It said the decision to suspend the flights was due to the death in Lagos, Nigeria's commercial city, of a 40-year-old Liberian male from Ebola, after he flew to Nigeria, via Lome, Togo, 20 July.

Having been symptomatic while traveling, he was admitted to a private hospital immediately on arrival in Lagos, and died on 25 July.

Preliminary test result of the sample taken from the Liberian tested positive for Ebola virus at the virology laboratory of Lagos University Teaching Hospital.

The sample from this case has been referred to the WHO Collaborating Centre at the Institut Pasteur in Dakar, Senegal, for confirmation.

PANA quotes the latest available information from the World Health Organization (WHO) as saying a total of 1,201 cases and 672 deaths have been recorded in the three countries (Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone).

Guinea, where the latest infection started, has 427 cases and 319 deaths; Liberia, 249 cases and 129 deaths and Sierra Leone, 525 cases and 224 deaths.

The WHO has not yet issued a travel or trade restriction for the three countries because it said ''the risk of infection for travelers is very low since person-to-person transmission results from direct contact with the body fluids or secretions of an infected patient.''
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