Nigeria: Multinational task force kills 31 Boko Haram terrorists, loses 2 soldiers

Abuja, Nigeria (PANA) – The Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) Wednesday announced the launch of new operations to clear all remnants of the Boko Haram terrorists in its general Area of Responsibility (AOR) around the Lake Chad region.

The operation, involving the MNJTF troops and National Air and ground forces from Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon and Niger Republics, is aimed at ensuring that the terrorists are prevented from establishing more sanctuaries and hideouts in the Lake Chad region.

Already, the multinational troops have killed 31 Boko Haram terrorists, but lost two soldiers while some 12 soldiers were wounded. The wounded are received treatment in various hospitals in the region.

Chief Military Public Information Officer of the MNJTF, Col. Muhammad Dole, said in a statement that the operation, code-named Op GAMA AIKI, arose as a result of the massive movement of Boko Haram Terrorists escaping from expansive colonial era games reserve, called Sambisa forest, towards the Northern Borno State border with Niger Republic and Lake Chad Islands.

Col. Dole stated that the operation has registered “appreciable operational successes in the frontlines. During some fierce encounters with the terrorists at places like Doran Nairi, Faide-Jimba, Yebi-Tasugia, Yebi-Jemi, Alli Kanori, Yebi Tumanba and Alagarno villages, up to Doron Naira along Sector 3 (Nigeria) axis, the terrorists have been cleared. Likewise, Littri, Madayi and some villages on the Lake Chad Island along Sector 2 axis hitherto infested by the insurgents were successfully cleared by Sector 2 (Chad).

“During these encounters, MNJTF troops neutralized 31 terrorists, seized and destroyed large quantity of equipment and cache of arms and ammunition. Among the equipment captured are 1 x Hilux mounted with Shilka gun with 97 rounds of 21mm (AA), 14 x AK 47 rifles, 4 x RPG Bombs, 6 x Mortar Bombs, 2 x GPMG rifles, 1 x HK 24 MG, 1 x AKM MG and 8 x Bandoliers among others equipment destroyed in suit. While MNJTF lost 2 x soldiers and 12 others were wounded, who are currently receiving medical attention.”

Col. Dole quoted Commander of the MNJTF, Maj.-Gen. Lamidi Adeosun, as charging the troops to remain focused and determined to flush out the remnants of the insurgents from the region.

Gen. Adeosun, while addressing troops of Sector 3 Baga at the Forward Edge of Battle Area (FEBA), appealed to the civil populace within the operational areas to continue to cooperate with the “gallant troops” to ensure that a final defeat of the Boko Haram terrorists becomes a reality.

He equally urged the citizens living along the borders to be security conscious and watch out for fleeing Boko Haram elements during the operation and report all suspicious movements to the military and other security agents within the area.
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