Nigeria: ECOWAS radio/tv to start operations 2017

Abuja, Nigeria (PANA) - The stage is set for the long-planned ECOWAS radio and television station to become a reality in 2017, after the necessary road-map for its operations were put in place by member states.

According to the ECOWAS Commission, representatives of the 15 member states met over two days in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, last week to develop the road-map for the station.

ECOWAS Commissioner for Telecommunications and Information Technology Isaias Barreto da Rosa said the ECOWAS Radio and TV station would serve as a platform for information and education to the citizens of West Africa ''on the founding values of our community''.

He listed the values as including integration, respect for differences, principle of active solidarity and also create awareness on the West African Identity.

Dr. do Rosa said through the dissemination of appropriate programmes, the Radio/TV would strengthen the sense of belonging of citizens to a community that is very plural but united by common history, values, cultural heritage and a future
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