Nigeria: ECOWAS Biometric ID Card to be piloted in 2016

Abuja, Nigeria (PANA) - The rollout of the ECOWAS Biometric Identity Card is to be piloted in 2016, according to the decision of the ECOWAS Council of Ministers which rounded off its 73rd meeting here Thursday.

The rollout of the ECOWAS Biometric Identity Card is aimed at ensuring the security of migrants, strengthening identity management through a coordinated approach in information exchange and data management in the context of securitised inter-regional mobility.

The deployment of the identity card will see the removal of residence card requirements for migrants of ECOWAS extraction in territories of the 15 member states, in addition to the other listed benefits.

The ECOWAS Heads of Immigration have recommended that the ID card should have the same colour for all member states.

They also recommended, among others, that the new Biometric ID card should circulate alongside the national ID card in each member state for a period of time till it becomes fully institutionalised within the time frame to be set.

PANA reports that the Biometric ID Card will also replace the ECOWAS Travel Certificate.

The recommendations, which were endorsed by the Council during its three-day (9-11 Dec) meeting at the ECOWAS headquarters in Abuja, are still subject to approval by the ECOWAS heads of state and government, who are due to meet in the Nigerian capital Monday.
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