Nigeria, US sign MOU on HIV/AIDS

Lagos- Nigeria (PANA) -- Nigeria and the United States have signed a six-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on a new partnership framework in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
The MOU was signed at a ceremony in Abuja Wednesday by the Secretary to the Nigerian Government, Mahmoud Yayale Ahmed, and US Ambassador Robin Sanders.
''It is our firm belief that this will go a long way in complementing the ongoing effort in our national response towards actualising our set goals in the recently launched National Strategic Framework 2010-2015 and the Millennium Development Goals,” Ahmed said after the signing.
He promised that the government would increase funding of the national HIV/AIDS response from seven per cent to 50 per cent by 2015, and also ensure that US contribution in the partnership would be judiciously utilised.
On her part, Ms.
Sanders hailed the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief teams that worked on the project.
''This is my last official function as a representative of President Barack Obama here in Nigeria.
I must commend the PERFAR teams for the enormous work that they have done in this project.
Reports have shown that PERFAR has indeed touched lives even in the remote and rural parts of Nigeria.
It has given life to many who are living with HIV/AIDS,'' she said.

26 august 2010 08:07:00

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